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Published: 05th December 2011
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Lonavala is the most preferred and popular getaway from Mumbai and Pune .Itís a beautiful hill station located in the Western Ghats and is considered as jewel in the Sahyadris range. This picturesque hill station is located amongst the low lying hills in the Sahyadris range. The city being surrounded with many caves has a legend to it. The name of the city Lonavala has been originated from a Sanskrit word Lonavala which means caves. Lonavala is located at a height of 622 m from sea level. This hill station lies nestled on the Sahyadris range. These low lying hills make a divide between the Deccan plateau and the Konkan coast. Due to the strategic location of the hills, this region receives copious rainfall during the summer and the monsoon seasons.
The main Tourist Points of Lonavla & Khandala
Lionís Point
After Bhushi dam one drives up the hill towards Sahara camp one will really surprise to see the natureís beauty & pleasant and cool air touching the body. Air is absolutely fresh with zero pollution.One can see green and green aaray of trees, grass, scenic beauty from both sides windows and from the front glass of the vehicle.After driving about 18 km from Bhushi dam the Tiger point can be reached.
Sunset Point Tourists can see this romantic view of sunset from Lonavala.
Valvan Dam Is 3 km from Lonavala station towards Pune, on left hand side to Mumbai Ė Pune Expressway. This dam is a restricted area, Photography is not allowed here. There are beautiful gardens at the lake. This dam is huge water storage owned by TATA. This lake is a favorite evening spot for Tourists as well as residents of Lonavala. This lake supplies water to Khopoli Power house for Generating electricity.
Tungarli Lake Is 3 km. From Lonavala station. This Lovely Lake supplies water to Lonavala Town. Normally the water is clean and clear. This lake remains full in monsoon and gets dried up in summer.
Bhushi Dam This is the main attraction to youngsters making heavy rush to the dam especially in monsoon. Bhushi dam is approx. 6 km from Lonavala station. This dam has several large cut steps which gives waterfall effect in monsoon. After heavy rains water overflows on all these steps. Tourists usually sit on these steps so that the water falls on their had and body. But this is a life risky adventure because there is no control on water pressure.One should be care full about this waterfall pressure.
Lonavala Lake In about 1.5 km from Lonavala station. This is just a typical mini Mumbai Chowpatty. Here you will find vada-pav & bhel-puri vendors. Tourists go moving around the border of the lake. This lake also gets dried in summer.
Karla Caves in 12 km from Lonavala station towards Pune and on left hand side of Mumbai Ė Pune Expressway. It is only 4 km from Malvali station. The Karla caves are the largest Charity caves in the Country. The Chaitya hall is a about 45 meters along, 15 meters in height and is still preserved. The roof is made of wooden ladders & plants which are still untact. At the entrance of the caves are pillars with three lions on it. On the other side of it there has been come up the Goddess Ekveera Temple. This Goddess is the Holly Goddess of Koli Community. These fishermen reach this temple dancing and singing all the way climbing the heavy steps from the ground. The old and famous government holiday camp is here for convenience of the tourists.

Accommodation in Lonavala
There are a number of hotels in Lonavala where you can get food and accommodation for your weekends. Try to find stay in Lonavala with perfect location and picture view of hills which will make your stay more Wonderful. There are many of restaurants where you can taste local Veg, Non-Veg foods. Lonavala is finest place to visit near Mumbai or pune Lonavala is one of the famous Weekends Holidays spot in Maharashtra. provides best hotels Lonavala at very reasonable cost and also offers an impressive and wide variety in order to provide a cheap and best accommodation to their guests. Lonavala is one of the quite expensive and beach destination and mostly travelers and honeymooners find Lonavala Hotels with the perfect locations for feel nature very close .there are few Budget hotels in Lonavala which have been extend the finest services.

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