Nainital – a Beautiful Place for Honeymoon

Published: 20th February 2012
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:Nainital – a Beautiful Place for Honeymoon

Situated in the Kumaon Hills of Uttarakhand, Nainital is one of the beautiful hill stations and most visited place by the tourists across the world, especially the honeymoon travelers in India. It is believed that Goddess Parvati’s eyes fell down here. Eyes mean “Nain” and hence the place is named as Nainital. It was in this place that Parvati burnt her body and the word Sati was established. Thus Nainital has got some mythological importance in Indian history.

Natural beauty of Nainital makes it the best place for honeymoon

Naini Lake, the beauty of Nainital, is surrounded all around by green hills and the entire town is spread around the lake. Climbing up the hills and taking a boat ride in Naini Lake are must during Nainital tour. The picturesque view of the beautiful landscapes and the romantic atmosphere all around has made Nainital a perfect place for honeymooners. The scenic beauty will tune you to a romantic mood for enjoying some special moments with your loved one. So if you are planning your honeymoon tour, do consider this place, as honeymoon in Nainital will make your lovely moments more special and pleasurable.
What makes Nainital so special?

Besides Naini Lake, you could enjoy some really breath-taking scenes of nature from Land’s End, Naina Peak, Dorothy Seat and even from Tiffin Top. Hire a car and climb up the snow-capped mountains to be in the Land of Paradise and to spend some precious moments with your family. The ropeway ride is another great attraction which you would love to experience.

Nainital offers some really exciting sports activities like horse-riding, boating, trekking, yachting, hiking, mountain climbing and many more. So if you would like to experience some adventure, do visit the place to have some great moments of excitement.

Several markets are there in Nainital where you could enjoy shopping various items. Mallital Bazaar, Bhotia Bazaar, Tallital Bazaar are some of them to name. You could even bargain at some shops located at Mall Road. Shopping makes a tour complete and thus couples enjoy their Nainital tour a lot.
Tourist attractions in Nainital

Naini Lake – This pear-shaped lake amidst the beauty of nature is one of the most favorite tourist destinations. It gives an amazing view especially at night. Across the lake Naina Devi temple, the temple of Goddess Shakti is located.

Naini Peak – Climbing up the 2611 meter high Naini Peak, the highest peak of Nainital is another great attraction to tourists. The peak is popularly known as China Peak and could be reached only on horses and ponies.

Bhim Tal – Another beautiful lake of Nainital, named after a character from Mahabharata is popularly visited by tourists. It has got its name from one of the Pandav brothers called Bhima. It is also a very big lake with almost 1370 meter in altitude.

Established by the British, this beautiful hill station in India has now become a popular tourist destination and a lovely place for honeymoon by newly wed couples. Honeymoon in Nainital will make your special moments to cherish for the rest of your life.

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